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How to Style Thick Hair? 7 Best and Simple Ways to Style Thick Hair

In general, having thick hair is a tremendous benefit; let us not be shy about that! Thanks to its magnificent volume and strands that seem healthy, your hair keeps a young appearance, has a tonne of body, and looks wonderful up or down. The one little difficulty we occasionally have with our thick hair.

Curls and other styles can be challenging to keep up with since they frequently become weighted down. In an effort to control our thick manes, hairbands frequently fail. Not to mention that it takes about six months to brush our hair through before blow-drying it in the desired style.

Couture Hair Pro is here to assist if you are wondering how to improve the styling procedures to make things simpler for you and your hair while you are sitting there twirling your incredibly thick hair. Read on for the 7 best ways to style thick hair, including looks for both daytime events and nights out.

  1. Train Hair to Hold a Curl

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When you curl thick hair, it always looks fantastic at first but usually starts to fall out after approximately fifteen minutes. When we put all of that work into making all of those gorgeous, bouncy curls, it is not only annoying, but it also feels like a waste of time.

So, no need to worry. It only takes training your hair before and after to preserve your style so it lasts all day (or night), even if you have hair that is thick.

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How to Style your Curly Hair?

Let's talk about what you can do in advance to give those curls a fighting shot before we get to the actual curling!

First Step: Apply very little conditioner to the hair before finishing the style. This will prevent your hair from being too smooth, which might cause the curls to fall out before they have even cooled.

Step Two: Make sure your hair is prepared to handle heat before you begin applying it. Apply a high-quality heat protection cream or spray while it is still wet to prevent damage to your locks. Make sure you add many mousses as well.

Before you blow-dry it, this will produce texture for the curl to cling to. Additionally, the alcohol in this product will absorb extra moisture, giving your curl even more grip.

Another excellent tip is to give holding spray a few liberal spritzes. Once the curls are in, it will guarantee that all of that gorgeous thick hair stays in place!

Step Three: Divide your hair into sections and start curling. Do not attempt to curl large sections of hair at once, and make sure to select the appropriate heat tool for your thick hair. Smaller hairpieces will curl more easily and maintain the style much better.

In relation to that, while styling thick hair, make sure your curler is set to a great, high setting. For those of us with thicker hair, these temps exist. Our stronger strands are more heat-resistant than those with delicate locks. In addition, warmer temperatures will enable us to maintain that look even longer.

Step four: After you have finished curling the portion, keep it twisted rather than letting it fall. In order to avoid burning your palm, proceed to press the curl up and against your roots. After that, use a no-crease styling clip to hold the curl in place as it cools. Do this for each part before releasing them all at once. Your curls will have had time to firmly establish themselves. This guarantees that they won't abruptly leave after a short while.

Step Five: The next step is to properly set your curls with a few liberal spritzes of Couture Hair Pro Perfect Hold Hair Spray. It is ideal for all hair lengths and textures and leaves no residue.

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  1. Half Up and Half Down Bun

half up and half down bun, thick hair style, how to style thick hair, couture hair pro

As women with thick hair can attest, it's not as easy as it would appear to manage thick hair into a basic ponytail or bun. Your hair may rapidly make this style seem unwieldy, and it can be challenging to put all of that hair in a stylish, comfortable posture without spending a lot of time doing it.

Couture Hair Pro advises choosing a half-up, half-down bun in this situation. The majority of your hair is still kept up and away from your face with this style, but there is still enough of it left down for a straightforward and easy look. Not to mention, it will remain in place for a much longer period.

How To Style This?

Afterward, divide it off from the rest of your hair with the Couture Hair Pro Easy Comb, which has been precisely developed to create straight partings on each side.

After that, clean it all up and fasten it. Use a hair elastic made for thicker hair alone. You'll probably still need a thicker band than most people, even if we're putting up less hair than normal!

As soon as you've tied it in a half ponytail. Take the portion of your hair that you knotted up, and start to twist. Once the hair is gently coiled all the way down, wrap it around so it rests on top of the hair elastic. After this, you have two options for holding the bun in place: bobby pins or another band, if necessary.

Let some of the hair around your face and in the bun fall free before you finish. Instead of being extremely tidy and impeccable, this will give the entire style a more relaxed yet elegant image.

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  1. Ask Your Stylist for Specific Layers

hairstyle, thick hair style, how to style thick hair

We completely understand if you feel that layers are not for you because of your thick. Perhaps you have never worn them because someone once told you that you couldn't wear them with such thick hair, or perhaps you've tried them before and they turned out dreadfully step-like.

In either case, we are here to assure you that layers will unquestionably work for you. Even better, they can make styling thick hair much simpler than ever before.

How to Style and Choose your Layered Look?

According to our experience, the layers that are softer and distribute the weight toward the ends of the hair work best for thick hair.

The best-looking layers are shaggy, beachy styles because they highlight the hair's inherent texture. Instead of a blunt cut end, which can result in steps throughout the hair, they taper off at the end to create a smooth line from root to tip.

With these kinds of layers, not only will your hair look fantastic, but it will also be simpler to style and put up thick hair once some of the weight and volume have been reduced toward the ends.

  1. Make Thick Braids

thick braids, style thick hair, make thick braid

Braids are always the look you can pull off better than anyone else if you're looking for it.

Your lovely thick hair means you hardly ever have gaps in your styles, it has plenty of volume despite being firmly fastened, and your braids always look thick and luscious no matter how you choose to wear them.

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How to Choose your Braid Style?

Whether you choose pigtail braids, a single low braid, or even a ponytail braid, your thick hair will always look stunning, we can pretty much guarantee it.

Now, if you want a look that is genius in both appearance and ease of execution, we advise focusing your abilities and attention on a traditional, low single braid.

Simply run a brush over all of the hair to ensure that it is untangled and prepared to be sectioned out. After that is finished, proceed to cut your hair into three sections of similar size.

From this point on, just alternate crossing the left piece across the center, then the right piece. Continue doing this while gripping the hair quite tightly. When you get to the bottom of the hair, allow space for a hair elastic to hold it in place, and you're done! That's actually how easy it is. This surprisingly easy style will look incredibly chic with your thick hair.

  1. Braided Bun

braided bun, thick hair style. how to style thick hair

Simply wrap your braid around into a bun at the nape of your neck using the above style as a guide. Use hair elastic or big bobby pins to hold it in place.

This look may appear to be quite straightforward, but we promise that your thicker hair will produce a stylish, voluminous bun that you'll be just as happy to wear to the workplace as you will to a wedding!

  1. Elevated Braid

elevated braid, style thick hair, beautiful thick hair style, couture hair pro

Your hair can accommodate bigger, more edgy decorations since it is thicker than other people's. Accessories that might be challenging for those with fine hair to wear.

Once your braid is finished, go ahead and cover the hairband at the end with a scarf. This will elegantly balance out the volume of your braid while adding intrigue and complexity to a straightforward style. a staple spring and summer style!

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  1. High-Sky Ponytail

Although it seems like everyone is sporting this celebrity trend right now, we understand that styling thick hair into an updo can be extremely challenging. But don't lose hope—we'll show you how to style thick hair in this vogue so it's totally doable for you!

How to Style Thick Hair into Sky-Hair Ponytail?

When your hair is prepared for styling, simply run a comb through it completely and draw it up to the appropriate height. Some people find that turning their head over helps with this, although thick hair requires caution.

Once your hair is pulled back into a ponytail, go ahead and let a little to medium part of it fall back to your neck. Make sure it's tidy, and if necessary, section it off with your comb. A hair elastic should be used to hold the rest in place.

Once this is finished, go back and finish the part you missed. Use it to wrap around the hairband and hide it by brushing it upward.

This reduces part of the volume and thickness of the ponytail itself while creating a stylish up-do. To give your ponytail an ultra-chic, celeb-inspired touch, end by smoothing it out.